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Welcome to the web site of Pacific Motoryachts Ltd.

We thank you for taking the time and invite you to fully visit our site and trust that by studying our comprehensive presentation, particularly that associated with the technical aspects of ship hydrostatics, structural design and all other important facets of ship building as described, but in particular our design approach to ship safety regarding ocean passage requirement, the reader will become technically aware and certainly better informed.

We recommend that those contemplating owning a vessel with the intention of making ocean voyages should research all options with respect to vessel suitability, authors of literature describing such voyages and designers/builders offering vessels possessing a wide range of characteristics, construction materials together with their unique claims and features.

In studying the many vessel variants offered worldwide, together with the relevant technical specification, an enthusiastic ocean sailor may easily be seduced by many claims made by so-called “Gurus”, particularly those that make far reaching claims of vessel safety over and above all other vessel criteria.

We at PML are not fond of using such terms and will not make such statements unless they can be substantiated by in depth technical analysis based on recognized methods. We ensure that our calculated results will be equal to, or in excess of Classification Society minimum requirements, and to date all our existing vessels comply in this respect.

With reference to modern day “Gurus” we at PML believe if such a title be assigned to ocean navigators, then the most worthy and only recipient must be the legendary Captain James Cook. When analyzing his historic voyages and recognizing that in the last half of the 18th Century, little knowledge or technical understanding existed regarding vessel hydrostatics, safety requirements, ship construction, bilge pumping ability and watertight integrity, all relevant to overall ship safety. All credit must be directed to Cook’s obvious meticulous planning prior to embarking on such expeditions to-gether with his known seamanship skills as success was, that, ship and crew returned safely to their home port.

Pacific Motoryachts apply this same philosophy to the design and complete construction of all our series vessels with nugatory features being given the same attention as the most important issues. We consider if an “Ocean Voyager” applies the same careful attention to planning ocean crossings, beginning with vessel selection, having the benefit of modern electronic navigation, weather reporting and radio equipment as fitted into a PML vessel then a safe crossing must be assured.

Vessel and crew safety is not limited to hull hydrostatic particulars alone but encompasses all aspects of vessel design, machinery selection and arrangement, electrical supply and reticulation, fire detection and suppression, accommodation layout in terms of crew comfort and health in association with the storage and safe keeping of all food stores.

In concluding this introduction we would like to state our company mission that :-

Our aim is to:

  • Provide a professional technical base to assist potential owners in making sound engineering decisions.
  • Develop close, long term working relationships between all parties involved.
  • Produce a product the client is proud to own.
  • Ensure complete transparency in all transactions and relevant matters.
  • Ensure the build process is an enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

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