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"Blue Dream" to Patagonia

In the run up to Xmas we watched the progress of the W79 “Blue Dream” as she made her way south to Tierra del Fuego and the worlds southern most city, Ushuaia at the very tip of Argentina.

Blue Dream carried “Spot”, a tracking device that relays via satellite the position of anyone or any vehicle almost anywhere. First thing every morning we were able to check on her progress as she skirted the eastern sea board of South America.

With Spot there is even an app to turn your smart phone into a satellite phone giving the ability to send texts and e-mails, all at a relative low cost. This would be a brilliant piece of kit for any size boat; dingy, kayak and upwards, for even the most experienced sailor to allow family to check in on your location.  
Try this link to learn more.
Blue Dream kept the coast on the horizon. This makes sense as the prevailing winds are westerly, so more comfortable in the lee of the land.

Of course one is never always out of the weather. However fully loaded so weighing in at over 380,000lbs, Blue Dream has the “staying power” of a vessel designed for Unrestricted Ocean Service.

As she makes her way into the higher latitudes the temperature drops away and icebergs become a consideration for the watch keeper.

This one gets a closer inspection.

The strength of the W79 hull, the reliability of steel complying with ice class no doubt gives the crew a great deal of confidence.

Once round Cape San Diego Beagle Channel is entered….

With snow capped mountains…….

….and ice on her deck….

…Blue Dream makes her way into Ushuaia harbour, Xmas Day 2012.

We followed Blue Dream from Florianopolis, Brazil, however her voyage started from her home port of Ilhabela, Sao Paulo, which lies on the tropic of Capricorn. In total she covered 2100NM running at a very economic, easy free wheeling speed of 9knots. 

Night fishing at anchor, Puerto Madryn, a 15 hour “courtesy” stop in Argentina.

Thank you to the crew for the photos, very much appreciated.
Blue Dream will be exploring Beagle Channel, the Chilean Patagonian waters and the Straight of Magellan over the summer. We will keep in touch.

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