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Watson 60 Launched

Yacht launchings are an event for the owner. A well deserved celebration.

For the builder it is usually something of an anticlimax. Despite the thrill of seeing a new model through to completion and the optimism that surrounds a vessel that has many, many years of service ahead of her.
“Bastion”, the first Watson 60, was launched back in mid summer on one of the few days of exceptional weather in a summer filled with very un-exceptional weather.
With scaffolding stripped away, the vessel sitting in her launching cradle, loaded ready to move to the launching ways we have our first opportunity to view her in natural light.
Her hull is perfectly fair from all angles. Testimony to the skill of the tradesmen who fabricated her and the paint team that finished her.
Once in the water she is moored alongside the commissioning berth for start ups and electronic fit offs.
And then…..sea trials. The first to be completed are the engine run ups. We are very pleased with “Bastion`s” performance. 
Trial speed attained was 10.6 knots. 
She can be seen in the short video below on the return up Whangarei harbour. 
Please note the flat calm conditions that show her wake perfectly, or rather lack of significant wake, at 9 knots; the Watson 60 has a very slippery hull form.
There is more video footage of “Bastion” to come.
Video 59 Seconds Long.5.14mb

View Higher Resolution Video In a New Window Here
File Size:13.1mb

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Neil Macdonald
#3 Neil Macdonald 2012-12-08 18:39
Blimey what a beauty, Bring her west across the ditch, Just for some people to witnes what a small ship realy is. She is the second smothest I have sean following the Daring Class Vendetta and that one did 35 Knots on Peace time props. Your 10 or less is beautiful especially for cruising and economy. You are masters of your trade looking forward to the 72 launch.
Any chance of approx price list for various models sail away and fully loaded. May your seas be smooth and the wind in your favour, Best wishes Neil
#2 Brentfordian 2012-11-30 03:35
Ticks every box (and so pretty)!
Started saving ...
Tim Lewallen
#1 Tim Lewallen 2012-05-12 05:01
Beautiful trawler. Can't wait to see more photos (interior) and video footage. Great piece of work.

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